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There is one thing about Assamese Films. They are Simple and Beautiful. made with small budgets but portrayed in a super artistic way that makes Assamese Cinema elegant. The Dedicated Cinematography and passionate hard work of the Artists are always appreciated. Every year Hundreds of Assamese Cinema gets released across the state and Nation wide. And keeps a significant mark in the hearts of the viewers. Although there numerous good movies released in 2017 for viewers of Assamese Cinema, here we have listed only 10 movies that were very successful. So here in SobiGhor Today we will discuss best 10 Assamese Movies of 2017 that you should watch.

1. Mission China

The craze for Zubben Garg in Assam and Eastern India is something like Salman Khan in Bollywood. The Production project of Zubeen Garg “Mission China” was released on 8 September 2017.Directed by Zubeen Garg, The movie is the most expensive movie of the year. Made on a budget of just 2.5 crores and grossed around 60 crores at the box office. and thus this is considered as years biggest commercial success. The movie stars Zubeen Garg, Sidhartha Goswami, Deeplina Deka and Yankee Parashar in pivotal roles. A movie about a Colonel who leads an operation with three other volunteers to rescue a girl who is kidnapped, as the story goes on you will observe love, friendship, and sacrifice in the entire movie. The technical hard work of the movie is mind-blowing, Cinematography is really appreciated by a number of other producers and directors. I should say This is the first time in Assamese Cinema we got to see a lot of Technical work, which has made a number of thrilling scenes beautiful in the movie. Pabitra Rabha who portrayed the role of Antagonist in the movie was appreciated a lot for his dedicated role by critics and the viewers. This is one of the big hits of 2017 Assamese Cinema.


2. Dur

Love stories are no new to Indian Cinema, neither for Assamese Cinema. But this time a love story is presented so beautifully is really appreciable. Released on January 13, Dur Written and directed by Kangkan Rajkhowa, The movie stars Amrita Gogoi and Udayan Duarah in lead roles. A movie that explains the hardships that the lead pair faces and how the handle the situation. with a love story in the screen, there needs a soothing and heart touching music in the background. And this movie contains those melody tunes presented in a very beautiful way. Nilotpal Bora’s iconic and heart touching voice with perfectly synced music makes this movie an epic. The credible performances of the lead pair are something that will make you emotional. This is a movie in the list for perfect work of all the artists associated with it. watch it to feel the love.


3. Priyar Priyo

Priyar Priyo is a movie directed by the legendary Munin Baruah after a long gap. The movie stars Zubeen Garg, Gunjan Bharadwaj, Sunita Kaushik, Tridip lahon and Aradhana Borgohain in prime roles. A  movie that is comedy in genre but also provides a strong social message at the end is something that is new in the Assamese CInema of 2017. The director has used all necessary resources very well, the actors suited amazing in their roles, the music is soothing, and above all Zubeen Garg and Neel Akash’s voice touched the soul of viewers. The movie is said as commercial success.


4. Aei Matite.

Based on a Stage play “Tamasa” directed by Dr. Sitanath Lahkar, “Aei Matite” is a movie that focuses on the story of witch hunting in the wilds of assam. Movie is Directed by Sitanath Lahkar, he has displayed his stage play in a silver screen in a wonderful way. The cinematography of the movie is verygood as a first movie of the director . A perfect story line about the superstitious belief of witches prescence and its fear in village something that will keep you engaged untill the end of the movie. wonderful performances by the stars. watch this movie to feel the thrill.


5. Local Kung Fu 2

The sequel to low budgeted superhit Local Kungfu maintains the legacy as a big hit of the year. Directed by Kenny DB Basumatary, the movie released on 19 April 2017. The same period Bahubali 2 released. Although while released it suffered from competition with Bahubali but the Assamese Viewers has adopted it as one of the best entertaining movies of the year. The movie stars Kenny Deori Basumatary, Utkal Hazowary, Sarmistha Chakravorty, Eepsita Hazarika, Bonny Deori, Tony Deori Basumatary, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika, Yashraj Jadhav in prime roles. The movie is said as an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors and is perfectly picturized on screen. A movie that has a huge amount of comedy with action also contains simple twists. Kenny DB maintains himself best in portraying his character that will make you laugh a lot. watch this for wholesome entertainment.


6. Dooronir Nirola Poja

Produced and Directed by Dhruva J Bordoloi, Dooronir Nirola Poja is a wonderful movie starring Hiranya Baruah, Manju Baruah, and Aditya Baruah.  The Movie is a story Set in the town of Tezpur, showcases the struggles and life of a middle-class family, A Decent Parents working for the future of children. An innocent and hard-working daughter, while an ambitious son who thinks that the life in small town is something that will be hard for him in coming future. this movie comprises about the problems faced by middle-class people of small towns. The movie is picturized in a beautiful way and will definitely make you feel related to it when you watch the movie.


7. Antareen

Antareen is Directed by Monjul Baruah, It stars Urmila Mahanta, Boloram Das and Arun Nath in lead roles.  The movie is an adaptation of Dr. Rita Chowdhury’s story “Antareen”. the story of a girl named Torali, and ups and downs about her life which are a quest for sanctuary from her father’s loveless world, but her intent to uncover his transgression leads her to a mental asylum. And her retaliation to fight against the materialistic world. Antareen is one of the best cinema directed in Assamese Cinema. watch this movie for the dedicated work of Urmila Mahanta and Manjul Baruah.


8.Sonar Baran Pakhi

This is a tribute, a tribute to legendary Goalpariya folk singer of Assam, Pratima Barua Pandey. The movie is the biopic of her. the movie is beautifully presented and directed by Bobby Sharma Baruah. The film stars Pranjal Saikia, Sushmita Ray, Pranami Baruah and Arati Baruah in prime roles. The movie speaks about the legend in three stages of life with the roles portrayed by three different actresses. The screenplay of the movie is really very beautiful. the depiction of old golden days in modern Assamese cinema is really awesome to watch. The perfect cast and engaging moments of the film make it one of the best movies of Assamese cinema ever made.


9. Beautiful Lives

Adaptation from real events in not new to Indian cinema but its really amazing to see a movie adapted from real events in Assamese CInema. “Beautiful Lives” is  Based on the 2008 Guwahati, serial blasts. Directed by Kangkan Deka, the movie stars Pakeeza Begum, Ashru Moni Bora, Boloram Das. A movie about a boy who becomes handicapped being victim of the bomb blasts, and how his life turns upside down after that deadly event. He becomes dependent on his mother and how his mother supports him. The movie speaks about real-life problems of people who may have gone through such situations after the infamous incident. Pakeeza Begum’s portrayal as the supportive mother for her son in any situation is appreciated a lot by critics and viewer. watch this movie to feel the pity of real-life problems.


Well there are numerous assamese cinema that will provide you the taste of wonderful artistic work. Before mentioning the top Pick, Here are few Honourable Mentions.


Shakira Ahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi


Genre : Comedy

Starring : Kumar Bhabesh, Amritprabha Mahanta

Director : Himanshu Prasad Das





Genre : Drama

Starring : Arun Nath , Jupitara Bhuyan , Runa Devi

Director : Hemanta Kumar Das


10. Maj Rati Keteki

Maj rati Keteki is The winner of Best Assamese Film at 64th National awards. The is Directed by Dr. Santwana Bardoloi. the movie features Adil Hussain, Shakil Imtiaz and Mahendra rabha in prime roles. The movie is about a writer, who returns to his hometown after a gap of 10 years and His present life that is affected by his past experiences. He remembers about the memories about the people with whom he spent a long time whom he loved an lost. he has lost the courage to fight, but at the end, he decides to face the truth and live with reality. The movie speaks about various depths and shades of human character and social evils. The dedicated portrayal of Adil Hussain is appreciated a lot by masses. And this makes this prime movie best on our list.

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