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Every year Bollywood releases a big list of movies of the varied genre, we see commercially as well as critically acclaimed movies that does a great business and is loved by all. 2017 was a great year for Bollywood movies. We have seen a number of Bollywood movies that did great at the box office and is also loved by masses across the nation. Today in Sobighor we will discuss 10 best Bollywood movies of 2017 that you should watch. And we are not listing movie according to the box results, we are listing them according to their artistic work that left a unique mark in Bollywood and Indian cinema in 2017.

1. Qarib Qarib Singlle

Qarib Qarib Singlle is a romantic comedy co-written and directed by Tanuja Chandra. The film feature Irrfan Khan and debutant Parvathy in the prime roles. This bollywood movie revolves around Jaya played by Parvathy, a widow, who lives alone and works at an Insurance company for surviving. On a lucky day, she meets Dev played by Irfan, a happy go lucky guy, on a dating website named And the story moves ahead as they both begin a journey around the nation to meet Dev’s three ex-girlfriends, staying in three different places of the country, on the journey they fells in love. A movie that explains about a romantic adventure of middle-aged people, who are fighting with their own livelihood and then getting an opportunity to explore the beauty within is beautifully described on screen by the talented director. The perfect choice of star cast is really applauding. Irfan is always best in such roles but Parvathy as a debutant played fantastic on screen and earned praises for her performance. A movie you should definitely watch.

2. Bareily Ki Barfi

Based on the French novel “The Ingredients of Love”, written by Nicolas Barreau. Bareilly Ki Barfi is another romantic comedy film on the list, directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. The film stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Kriti Sanon, Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi in pivotal roles. The movie is about Bitti played by Kirt Sanon, a young contemporary girl from Bareilly, who loves to enjoy the life in her way, which is said as not suitable for the society she lives in. Although her simple kind-hearted father supports her, but because of the disgusting attitude of a bridegroom who came to see her, and having a silly quarrel with her mother she chooses to leave Bareilly. on the way she reads, a novel named “Bareily ki Barfi” written by Pritam Virodhi played by Rajkumar Rao, and this novel describes about Bitti’s lifestyle completely. And there’s the twist of the movie that will keep you entertained until the end. With soulful performances of the star cast and heart touching words as the voiceover at backend by Legendary Javed Akhtar. The film turned as both a critical and a commercial success at the box office. The movie got eight nominations at the 63rd Filmfare Awards, including Best Film, Best Supporting Actress for Seema Bhargava and Bagged Best Director for Ashwini Tiwari and Best Supporting Actor for  Rajkumar Rao.


3. Lipstick Under My Burkha

This is one of the most amazing Bollywood movie of the year. A must watch black comedy film written and directed by Alankrita Shrivastava is Lipstick under my Burkha. Produced by Prakash Jha and the film stars multiple casts that include Ratna Pathak, Konkona Sen Sharma, Aahana Kumra and Plabita Borthakur in prime roles, supporting the lead cast is Sushant Singh, Vikrant Massey, Shashank Arora, Vaibhav Tatwawaadi and Jagat Singh Solanki. The film is about the story of four leading ladies. One, Rosy aka Usha Parmer played by Ratna Pathak who serves as the old matriarch in a neighbourhood of Bhopal, Second is Rehana portrayed by Plabita Borthakur, who is a fresher in college, every morning she leaves home wearing a burkha sewed at their store and while she reaches college she removes the burkha and turns out as modern-day girl wearing jeans and all who is a die-hard fan of Miley Cyrus. The third is Leela played by Ahana Kumra, who runs a parlor and wants to travel the world with her secret lover Arshad. And the fourth is Shireen played by Konkana Sen, who is a mother of three boys and works secretly as a door to door sales girl, but as the daylight perishes she is sexually dominated by her Husband Rahim. Lipstick under my burkha is an epic in itself a movie focusses on gender inequality, social loopholes, freedom of speech and many more. it speaks about the reality of every woman surviving as a dual personality, one as the society wants and another what she is herself. The movie won Spirit of Asia Prize and the Oxfam Award for Best Film on Gender Equality. The film turned as a critical and commercial hit at the box office. The movie received two nominations at the 63rd Filmfare Awards, including Best Film (Critics) and Best Supporting Actress for Ratna Pathak.


4. Mukti Bhawan

Mukti Bhawan is a comedy-drama film written and directed by Shubhashish Bhutiani and produced by Sanjay Bhutiani. The movie stars Adil Hussain and Lalit Behl in the prime roles. This Bollywood movie tells you a story about a 77-year stubborn old man, Daya, who one day wakes up from a strange nightmare, he believes that his time is up and he must go to Varanasi immediately in hope of dying there to attain salvation. His reluctant and dutiful son, Rajiv played by Adil Hussain, has no other choice, so he sets his job aside to make the journey with his stubborn father, leaving behind his family that includes his wife and daughter. Two of them check into Mukti Bhawan, a hotel devoted to people hoping to spend their last days there. Rajiv finds himself that this is the first time in life he is taking care of his father. As the story moves ahead Daya shows no sign of letting up, instead, he blooms after he meets 75-year-old Vimala. Now, Rajiv is faced with the dilemma of what to choose, whether to remain there with his father or move towards back home. The movie is full of drama that focuses on the relation of a father and son, where a middle-aged person is bound with responsibilities on both sides. Watch this movie to relate the reality of every person living in our society that defines about what we are for, and what are our responsibilities. The film received four nominations at the 63rd Filmfare Awards, including Best Film (Critics) Mukti Bhawan isn’t a story of death, but of life and relationships that make us who we are, in a city that sometimes sees death as part of its fabric and sometimes as a celebration.


5. Haramkhor

Haraamkhor in English as Scoundrel is a Drama-Comedy film directed by Shlok Sharma. It stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shweta Tripathi in Lead Roles. Movie Set in the countryside of the nation is a story about a school teacher named Shyam portrayed by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, lives with his wife Sunita, who earlier was a student of Shyam. With teaching in school, Shyam also runs tuition classes in his home, where a number of students come to attend his classes. One of his students is Sandhya played by Shweta Tripathi, who is loved by same 13-year-old Kamal. Sandhya whose father is a cop and is an alcoholic. As the movie goes it sounds as a desi film focussed on school but later it turns out to lot twist when we get to know that the teacher is having physical relations with his student, Sandhya. And there the movie ends with a climax that none would have ever expected. With the dedicated performances of star cast, the brilliant screenplay and cinematography is something that makes the spine of the movie. Nawazuddin Siddiqui received the Best Actor award at the New York Indian Film Festival for his role. The outstanding fact about this movie is, it is shot in mere 16 days but for various reasons, it struggled to get a release in India since its first look released in 2015. Later after approval by a special jury of the censor board, it got the release in January 2017.


6. Tumhari Sullu 

Tumhari Sulu is another comedy-drama movie on the list, a film directed by Suresh Triveni and produced under the banner of T-Series and Ellipsis Entertainment. The movie stars Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul and Neha Dhupia in prime roles. The movie is about Sulluchana Dubey aka Sullu, an ambitious housewife from a middle-class household from virar, who dreams to do all possible things on her way. As the comic story goes ahead we see Sullu turning as a radio jockey for a late-night relationship advice show, and entertains people across the city with her iconic humor. Sullu lives with her husband and son. Her husband works as a manager in a textile firm run by few oldies that also includes a number of aged employees who often fall sick. Sullu’s son is notorious in nature and sells magazines and CDs in school, which is strictly prohibited. A movie that has enough family drama where sullu is often criticised by her twin elder sisters and father for her failing business ideas and many more. the movie presents the personality of an ambitious woman who wants to do something peculiar in a comic way, that will keep you entertained throughout the movie. Soulful performance of Vidya Balan as a concerned mother, supportive house wife and ambitious herself is appreciated by critics and viewers heavily. The movie turned into both critical and box office success earned over ₹584 million on a ₹200 million budget. The film received nine Filmfare Award nominations and Vidya Balan bagged the Best Actress Filmfare of the year.


7. Poorna

Poorna is a biographical adventure film directed by Rahul Bose. The film is led by Rahul Bose himself starring in the film with Aditi Inamdar as Malavath Poorna. The movie is about the biography of the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest, Poorna Malavath. The story goes as Poorna Malavath portrayed by Aditi Inamdar, belongs to a Telugu speaking tribal family in Pakala, outskirts of Nizamabad district in the Telangana state of India. Her parents are farm laborers. She joins the State Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society for her education. Her talent is spotted by the un-corrupt secretary of the Society Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar played by Rahul Bose. The chief minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy portrayed by Harsha Vardhan authorizes her for Operation Everest along with a Dalit mountaineer, Sandhanapalli Anand Kumar played by Master Manoj Kumar. In preparation for climbing Mount Everest headed by Coach Shekhar Babu played by Gyanendra Tripathi and Colonel Khan played by Arif Zakaria, she treks to mountains of Ladakh and Darjeeling. And then On 25 May 2014, Poorna scales the highest peak of Mount Everest. And at age of 13 years and 11 months, becomes one of the youngest girl in the world to have reached the summit of Everest. The movie released with positive reviews, and it was successful in box office. The film also received Special Jury Mention for Direction and Acting for Rahul Bose and Aditi Inamdar respectively from FOI Online Awards in 2018. Watch this movie to see the perfect presentation of the success story of Poorna Malavath on screen.


8. Trapped

Trapped is a survival drama film of Bollywood directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, produced it with Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl and Madhu Mantena under the banner of Phantom Films. The film stars Rajkummar Rao as the Centrical character of the movie. A story about a call center employee Shaurya played by Rajkumar, who moves to an apartment of a building which is under construction and no one lives other then Shaurya and a Security Guard at the gate. One bad morning Shaurya accidentally locks himself inside the apartment. He makes some attempts to break open the lock but fails. The apartment has wiring faults which lead to the short-circuit worsening the situation more, leaving Shaurya without electricity. His phone also runs out of battery before he was able to call any help. Shaurya is now totally disconnected from the outside world, struggles to survive without food, water and electricity. As the movie goes ahead, we see days pass by, Shaurya becomes progressively more claustrophobic, and his attempts to escape and survive the situation becomes more desperate. Being desperate for hunger and solitude we also see Shaurya eating cockroaches and also talking to rat for company. At the end we could see final he escapes and survives the entire deadly episode. This movie presents us a brief idea about small mistakes that we do in our day to day life without our knowledge, which can lead to serious situations sometimes and also can hurt ourselves. Rajkumar Rao was the perfect choice for the role, and his one-man standing dedicated portrayal made the movie an epic. The movie was appreciated with positive reviews from critics, who praised both the concept of the movie and Rajkumar Rao’s performance.The film received several awards including the Critics Award for Best Actor for Rajkumar Rao, Best Sound Design for Anish John and Best Editing award for Nitin Baid, at the 63rd Filmfare Awards.


9. Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar is listed as musical drama film in bollywood, written and directed by Advait Chandan, and produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. The film stars Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arjun and Aamir Khan in pivotal roles. The film tells us story about a talented teenage girl named Insia played by Zaira Wasim, who dreams to be a popular singer. Insia wants to showcase her talent in an event organized in a school, but because her fear of a strict father, she couldn’t make it up. One day her mother who is also a victim of domestic violence, gifts Insia a laptop. And inspired by the hits of popular Tamil Song “Kolaveri Di” in youtube, she uses the laptop to create her singing videos and puts those on youtube, but she wears a burkha to keep secret her identity from knowledge of her father. Soon she becomes the singing sensation across the region and becomes popular as the secret superstar. As the movie goes on we see The film describes the social issues including feminism, gender equality, and domestic violence. Upon release, The film received critical acclaim. Zaira Wasim won the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement. Secret Superstar received ten nominations at the 63rd Filmfare Awards, and It won three Filmfare Awards, including Best Actress (Critics) for Zaira Wasim, Best Supporting Actress for Meher Vij, and Best Playback Singer (Female) for Meghna Mishra. In China, it is the highest-grossing foreign film of 2018. A must watch the movie for everyone.

After screening number of movies and listing only best ten, there always remains few special mentions. So, before disclosing the first pick of the list, here are few honorable mentions.


Hindi Medium


Genre: Comedy/Drama

Starring: Irfan Khan, Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal and Amrita Singh

Director: Saket Chowdhury



Jolly LLB 2


Genre: Drama/Comedy

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Huma Querishi, Anu Kapoor and Saurabh Shukla

Director: Subhash Kapoor



Raag Desh


Genre : Drama/History

Starring : Mohit Marwah, Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh and Mrudula Murali

Director : Tigmanshu Dhulia



Kadvi Hawa


Genre : Drama

Starring : Sanjay Mishra, Tilotama Shome and Ranveer Shorey

Director : Nila Madhav Panda




10. Newton

2017 was definitely the year of Rajkumar Rao, with a number of bollywood blockbusters here is one more again topping the list starring Rajkumar Rao is Newton, It is a comedy-drama film co-written and directed by Amit V. Masurkar. The film features Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil and Raghubir Yadav in leading roles. The story about Newton Kumar, a fresh and rookie government clerk on reserve is sent on election duty to a Naxal-controlled town in the conflict-ridden jungles of India, Newton tries his best to conduct free and fair voting despite the number of odds against him. As the story moves ahead we see the dedication of Newton Kumar towards his work. It is also seen the how he tackles the problems that arise during the entire process of the conducting election. I will just say watch this movie and find out the thrill that keeps engaged you with the movie until the end. The film got eight nominations at the 63rd Filmfare Awards. And it bagged Filmfare award for Best Film and Best Story. Rajkummar Rao won Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Actor for his performance. The film also won the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Screenplay. Above all For Oscars 2018, in foreign film category “Newton” was the only movie nominated from India.

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